Discuss what recent research studies show to support this theory and what evidence challenges or even contradicts the theory.

This research paper is due in the last week of Module 6 and is expected to be 6- 8 pages in length excluding a cover page and reference page. You should have chosen one of the three options (given again, below) back in Module 3. Use a 12 point font and double space each page, with one inch margins.
A. Research for one major theory of personality. Discuss what recent research studies show to support this theory and what evidence challenges or even contradicts the theory. For this choice you will need to provide a list of five scholarly sources (DO NOT include the course textbook as a reference) You can certainly use the textbook for your final project, but for the purposes of this proposal, select four (4) additional sources, briefly summarize each source, and how you believe it will contribute to your final project. This is one example ONLY – What is the evidence that the Big 5 theory can effectively predict personality traits and identify how these traits translate into predictable behavior? What is the research evidence to support this theory, how strong is the evidence, and what limitations are identified from the research about this theory?

B. Select a well-known person, i.e. public figure, politician, religious leader, etc. it must be a real person, not a fictional or mythological figure. Apply the various theories of personality covered in the course toward an understanding of this person based on a published biographical or autobiographical book. In addition, you are expected to draw upon the textbook plus at least two other sources ( historical accounts, additional biographical studies, scholarly articles, or other texts on personality). Your paper should discuss all of the theories covered in the course, although you may choose to concentrate on discussing some theories more than others. There is no need to explain every theoretical concept used in the paper, however, you are expected to cite the sources of theoretical concepts. Be certain to cite specific details from the biography to support your interpretations. Be detailed in your discussion of how theoretical concepts apply to this person. Focus on how the theoretical concepts can apply to understanding this person’s personality, such as his/her traits, temperament, sense of self (and others), behavior, beliefs, and emotions.

C. Summarize the main theoretical perspectives covered in the course and discuss each perspective. Choose one or two that could be useful toward: (1) helping people change, or (2) vocationally, how it helps to know one’s personality. Then interview two (2) experienced masters or doctoral level professionals in the field of mental health (psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, licensed professional counselors, social work, or masters level certified substance abuse counselors), or in management or vocational counseling, about their use of personality theories in their work. List the individuals by name, their place of work, their credentials and years of experience in the mental health or employment field. It is advisable to seek out individuals with at least a 2-3 years of clinical or employment experience. For the interviews, you may wish to provide them with a list of these perspectives. Then ask which theory or theories they find relevant to their clinical or employment work, and which theory or theories they do not use. Ask and discuss why they prefer some theories and not others. Although the main focus of this paper will be the interviews, please avoid simply submitting a long transcript of what was said. You should summarize the two interviews, and must incorporate information from the textbook, and at least two (2) other scholarly sources, to substantiate your discussion and their explanations. Note: if you select this option before sure to have at least one and possibly two alternate persons to interview, in case a person drops out or is unavailable. You will also want to develop a set of questions in advance.

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