discuss the unique experience of immigrant and minority women.

Any group unable to participate fully in societal mainstream is considered a minority and
typically develops its own group identity. Usually the minority is recognized, but it is not
necessarily accepted by the larger society in which the members live. In addition, an
unfortunate characteristic of minority status is that it is often accompanied by prejudice
and discrimination.
-Women, despite not being a numerical minority, experience minority status. By exploring a
sociological understanding of gender, as something that exists outside of biology, your
paper will explain the ways in which our societal structures, institutions and socialization
techniques create a minority experience for women. Additionally, incorporated into your
paper you will discuss the unique experience of immigrant and minority women. Include in
your search sexual harassment in the workplace and other legal issues that women
continue to face in their efforts to gain equality in the United States.
In order to write an effective paper, you will have to describe the socio historical
background in the introduction of your topic. Be sure to incorporate any legislative actions
that have helped to assimilate this particular minority into the main stream
Note: this is an objective analysis; please do not include personal opinions or biases.
5 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font, MLA format.
Minimum of 5 sources (no Wikipedia), 3 must be a peer-reviewed article. Incorporate this
into your references.

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