Describe the procedure and the wound that is created in appropriate terminology

Topic: Preventing and managing risk related to infection control and wound complications in dermal therapy
Order Description
Presentation of a clinical scenario whereby the student will demonstrate an understanding of wound healing that is both normal and abnormal related to dermal therapy practice as well as risk assessment prevention and management strategies to ensure optimal outcomes for clients and prevent complications.
Assignment Outcomes
On completion of research investigation and discussion on the students chosen procedure the student will be able to:
Describe the procedure and the wound that is created in appropriate terminology
Assess and analyse the risks with regard to infection control infectious processes wound repair and management.
Propose management strategies that promote best practice and are guided by current evidence and scientific literature
students will identify a scenario that will incorporate a procedure that is relevant in their practice as a clinician and potential complication.
Hurdle task 1 (Formative Assessment): Students will develop a PICO question and search strategy based on scenario for assignment.
Examples of scenarios:
1. A client has come in for assessment after receiving an aggressive laser treatment for sun
damage. The client comes in 24 hours after treatment for the post treatment check and overall
the skin is swollen and red all over with scant amounts of serous exudate and brown crusting
forming uniformly over the area. However one portion just underneath the eye the skin is
white and rubbery. The client is concerned about this and reports that the therapist explained
that the skin blanched a little in the area but wasnt too concerned and told her just not to pick
the scab that would form nothing else was done at the time. She cant really feel the area but
the rest of the skin is very hot and uncomfortable.
2. A client receives a skin needling treatment to the face 3-4 days later the client reports that an
area of above the lip and cheek has become tender itchy and experiences nerve irritation
(tingly). The area appears to have increased inflammatory response with more exudate and
some yellow/brown crusting compared to other areas.
3. A client comes to see you after receiving an aggressive microdermabrasion treatment for a
scar on her back. The wound was taken down to pinpoint bleeding; however upon consultation
it was found that a particulate machine was used. The area assessed has a well demarcated
area with extreme oedema and erythema deep scratch like grazing with exudate and crusting
is present.
Assignment Tasks (Summative/Graded Assessment): Students will consider the points in
guideline below for discussion. Word limits and headings are a guide only
Introduction (150 words)
. The procedure (200-300 words)
o Indications
o Contraindications
o Mechanism
The wound and potential for complications:
o Assessment classification clinical presentation (200 words)
o what would be expected during wound repair and how may this deviated into
atypical or abnormal repair and why might this happen (300 words)
Infection control and potential for complications
o Discuss risks identified and how these may contribute to complications
occurring. (200 words)
o This discussion should refer to your assessment and audit of clinical practice
Analysis and Discussion
o Literature Review and Benchmarking: What do the guidelines and literature
reviewed state the requirements are to perform the treatment in a manner to
prevent identified risks (350-400 words)
o Barriers to best practice: Are these complied with? Why/Why not? How can this
be overcome
What are your proposed evidence based management strategies and how
would you promote best practice in your workplace? (300-400 words)
Conclusion (150 words)
. Risk assessment and audit of clinical practices (Appendix)
o Utilsing the tool kit provided conduct a risk assessment for the procedure
looking at
. infectious processes and control
. and wound healing and possible complications
o If possible after proposing management strategies perform an audit of clinical
practices discuss if this has addressed and minimised the risk analysis.

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