Describe outcomes and insights gained from clinical experience.


Clinical Seminar

The clinical seminar is structured for students as a means of sharing and group problem solving: to facilitate
application and analysis of key policy issues and of concepts related to provision of high quality care that
exemplifies core competencies. The weekly schedule includes prompts to assist in preparation via focused
clinical observation as well as review of pertinent literature.

Seminar Leadership: Each student will have an opportunity to guide a discussion among peers- to include discussion of the assigned clinical issues as well as a clinical case study presentation. The clinical case study is designed to assist students to analyze and synthesize prior learning as they make applications to current clinical experiences. The discussion will integrate reflection on the clinical case and evidence from a literature review.

Case Study Guidelines:

Choose an interesting client(s), reflect on outcomes & relate to “best practice”
 Present pertinent background data relevant to nursing care, including past medical history, description of current problem, medical diagnosis, treatments, functional abilities and physical findings. (Individual or team)
 Facilitate discussion to identify gaps in database and gaps in knowledge base.
 Identify pertinent priority needs (individual or team) : for example physical, emotional, developmental, spiritual, safety, health promotion and comfort needs and individualized nursing diagnoses according to priorities
 Describe strategies for planning and managing patient care: delegation, multitasking, advocacy, referrals, inclusion of family, discharge planning.
 Identify barriers and facilitators on clinical unit/setting impacting Quality Care. (Policy, advocacy, teamwork)
 Describe outcomes and insights gained from clinical experience.

Provide current evidence concerning a nursing care issue related to the clinical case.
 Identify PICO question based on clinical issue presented in the clinical case study
 Choose two articles from a recent professional journal related to the clinical issue.
 Briefly summarize each article, including topic, methodology, subjects studied, findings and relevance.
 Briefly discuss implications of findings for your unit/patient population.
 Compare and contrast clinical practice guidelines on unit with findings.
 Turn in copy of articles with brief annotated summary and critique of source. (Use critique form)

Grading Criteria:
The faculty will consider the following criteria in assigning a grade for seminar participation:
1. Clearly describing and analyzing the clinical issues confronted in clinical settings.
2. Consistently reflecting core competencies e.g., Q/S concepts and integrating EBP exemplars in discussions.
3. Stating differences of opinion in a non-judgmental manner.
4. Respecting the leader and following the leader’s direction as the discussion unfolds.
5. Protecting the confidentiality of patients and colleagues in citing examples to illustrate points or raise questions

The faculty will consider the following criteria in assigning a grade for leadership:
1. Demonstrating adequate preparation, describing the topic clearly, planning an agenda and managing the time adequately to complete discussion.
2. Acknowledging differences of opinion and keeping the discussion focused on topic.
3. Providing an opportunity for each person to speak before allowing someone to speak more than once.
4. Guiding discussion to points that others may not have mentioned, and summarizing discussion at the end.

See Grading Rubric for Clinical Case Study Presentation *

Grading Rubric

Grading Criteria: (100 Points)

______ Communication (15 points)
Organized and prepared to discuss clinical case. Confidentiality of client information maintained. Group discussion facilitated relating clinical situation to previous class content, actively encouraging each group member to participate in the discussion.

______ Baseline Knowledge (20 Points)
Relevant data presented in clear & concise manner. Clear understanding of scope of clinical problems and needs exhibited. Able to explain in own words integrating EBP exemplars in discussion.

______ Analysis (20 Points)
Critical thinking reflected in identification of pertinent nursing diagnoses, appropriateness of priority setting, identification of management strategies and analysis of barriers/facilitators to Quality Care.

______ Evaluation (20 Points)
Thoughtful evaluation of client outcomes and personal self reflection regarding quality of care. Reflection includes the impact of culture, professional values, Q/S indicators, workplace environment, and personal clinical performance on patient outcomes. Explores potential influences on future clinical decisions.

______ Evidenced Based Practice (25 Points)
Identification of PICO question based on clinical issue presented in the clinical case study. Quality of journals used indicative of scholarly “search”; Summary clear, concise and accurate; Implications for clinical practice clearly described

______ APA Formatting (Up to 10 points may be deducted)

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