Demonstrate an ability to differentiate between data information and knowledge.

Learning Outcomes being assessed:
1. Demonstrate an ability to differentiate between data information and knowledge.
2. Explain and evaluate information and communication in the evolution of the overall business setting.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the organisation as an information and communication system
Key considerations to include in the report:
1. The strategic intent and the objectives of the communication strategy
2. Demonstrate an understanding of your stakeholders and segments within these
3. What is your themed message and choice of message style
4. The media strategy which social media will you use and what will you include in your communications to facilitate an online community and participation
5. An evaluation of your proposed communications strategy include the assumptions you have made and the risks involved
Marking Criteria
70-100% 1st Outstanding Directly addresses the problem
Well-structured and clearly written communication strategy in the format of a report
Evidence of a outside wider reading including facts / figures / support for the assumptions and choices you make
Application of the theoretical principles of communication strategy to the problem set
Demonstrates acute awareness of the organisation as an information and communication system
Minor errors if any
60-69% 2.1 A very good above average answer Well written structured appropriately
Evidence of reading and supporting the points you made
Occasional descriptive content with no clear critical thinking evident.
Adequate attempt to demonstrate your awareness of a communication strategy
Minor omissions/mistakes
50-59% 2.2 Adequate answer
Some limitations or information omitted
Descriptive or narrative in style with little application of the communication strategy theory / concepts to the question
Little or no evidence of supplementary reading
Reasonably good discussion that attempts to address the question but not directly or does not include the key considerations
Moderately sound presentation structure and academic language
40-49% 3rd Below average incomplete answer
Significant limitations and omissions key stages of the communication strategy process left out
Limited understanding of the question
Poor coverage generally of the issues
No real direction towards addressing the questions
Presentation style poor
0-39% Fail Inadequate answer
Inadequate descriptions
Little substance revealing no understanding of the question or appropriate principles
No outside reading or evidence
No discussions nor logical coherent argument
Poorly written lack of structure

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