current legislation presentation bshs 465

This Learning Team assignment offers you the opportunity to transform one of your teammates’ Individual contribution into a presentation.

Discuss the three pieces of legislation each team member selected: Current Legislation Worksheet.

Select one piece of federal, state, and local legislation from the various statutes included in the team’s Current Legislation Worksheet.

My part of the PowerPoint assignment is to complete 2 slides with speakers notes on this bullet: Slides 9 & 10

-Analyze the major tenets of the selected legislation.

Here are the pieces of legislature we are doing the presentation on.

Federal – Affordable Care Act

State- Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13. Criminal Code § 13-3601. Domestic violence; definition; classification; sentencing option; arrest and procedure for violation; weapon seizure

Local- 12.12.010 – Curfew–Ages and hours designated. (Ord. 1639 § 1, 1994: Ord. 1148 § 2 (12.12.010), 1989)

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