current international management topic assignment

Reminders for the assignment:

The assignment should contain at least 3-5 pages (more is OK)

The assignment should also include copies of the articles you read (the copies do not
count as written pages of the assignment).

The format for the assignment is detailed below and in the syllabus.
This assignment requires that you:
1. Choose at least 2 articles on the subject of international business activity or important
international trends that significantly affect or reference the organization you and your team
are studying. For example, if your organization was Facebook, we know that Facebook is
seeking to build their business in China. Reactions to the recent trade tariffs against Chinese
goods could affect U.S. China relations and perhaps Facebookâ€s strategy.
2. Write a summary/synopsis of each article, focusing on why it has important implications for
international business. Most of it should relate the articles to what you are learning in class,
your personal business experiences, and commentary and analysis on what you read. It is not
required that you summarize the article, since you are attaching copies of what you chose.
2. Analyze what kind of business impacts could occur based on what you learned from the
article. Is it likely to help, hurt or not affect your organization? Explain your answer using the
information you have gathered.
3. Describe what strategy/actions you think your organization should take to respond to the
impact you noted. For example, could Facebook establish a joint venture with China so they
would have an affiliate not as directly affected by U.S.-China politics?
You may use current newspapers and/or business magazines (
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
New York Times, Business Week, Time, Fortune
Fast Company
etc.) or
articles on their websites, or you may use academic journals or educational institutions
International Journal of Applied International Business, Journal of International
Management, Harvard Business Review
, Thunderbird School of Global Management, etc.).
Articles may not be more than one year old, ideally no more than 6 months old (i.e., current).
While there is an expectation of good business writing, grading will be based on the content
of your paper – your understanding, analysis and interpretation of the articles you select.

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