current events resources forum

Click on the link above to access the Current Events Resources Forum. You will need to post 5 new links/resources by week 10.
I want you to find five (5) current websites containing articles, resources, or other information that explore anything we discuss. (Look at the optional activities to get an idea of what I am looking for.) These can be related to anything on the current discussion board or you can create a new Thread/topic and add your link there. These also could be current ‘event’ sort of websites. As you list the actual link of each website, give me a line or two that tells me about why you think the website is technological and related to society. What kinds of discussions would these websites prompt?
To post your link, create a thread or locate one titled where it best fits. . Once you have selected your thread or created it, enter the link and your description. You can also click on links that other students have posted, view them, and comment. Please do not edit them unless you see a mistake. If you correct a mistake, note this.
Each item that you post is worth 26 points for a total of 130 points. You are welcome to post more than 5 items but will only be graded on 5 of them. This will help me to gather input for future versions of this course. Thanks!
Please insert the link (working). Click the link button under font size to the right of the second Tx button. You will want to set up your link to “open in a new window”.
Why it is sociological? Why others might be interested? Some comments on what information would be helpful to others.
Below are my topics we have discussed in class and links that I found that went with the topics.
Creating the Internet Age
Inhabiting a Digital Environment
Sharing and Surveillance
Global Impacts and Inequalities
Friending Dating, Dating, and Relating

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