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Topic: Culture and Public Policy Order Description Please feel free to write about one only of the question below: 1- Is there a clash of civilizations? OR 2- Is African culture responsible for African poverty? -In your essay you are expected to construct an argument that answers the question. What academic assessors look for in a student’s essay is evidence of your understanding of the issues that the question raises. This is gauged by the quality of your argument. A good argument is one that shows evidence of independent thought and of wide reading. It shows that the student has sought to answer the question by thinking about what it means and what it requires of them, reading widely on the topic and constructing an argument rather than simply presenting information piecemeal or undigested. It is also one in which the claims made are supported by evidence. Typically students will cite the various authors whose work they read in their essay. You need to cite the sources of any information that you use in the essay. Include Marking matrix (if used) -Please make sure you cover • Depth of research • Relevance of material cited • Readability and grammar • Correct spelling and punctuation • Appropriate citation and referencing • Depth of analysis • Originality • Strength of argument • Understanding of issues • Theoretical and conceptual knowledge • Use of evidence • Clear identification of issues • Clear structure • Integration of evidence, synthesis • Logical development of an answer • Appropriate contextualization • Appropriate citation and referencing For any more information or questions please eel free to ask

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