Culture And Professional Practice

How does a nurse leader influence others to advance practice environments that embrace a culture shift away from hierarchal systems to shared governance centers? In this discussion we will explore your ideas for re-creating practice environments within health care organizations that illustrate innovation, authenticity, creativity, and empowerment.

Present to your peers the kind of culture you would create and support as an innovator and authentic nurse leader within the organization’s healthcare delivery system that promotes healthy environments for its employees.
Provide two exemplars and show how each incorporates one of the following within your discussion: innovations in today’s environment; empowerment within staff and inter-professional teams; inspirations to advance organizational vision and shared successes.
Apply your text readings and one published article related to organizational culture, authenticity, and/or innovations in healthcare to support your responses to the discussion question noted above. Also, advance the discussions with reflective and thoughtful comments/feedback that addresses personal experiences, new understanding of innovations, and challenging traditions of work environments.

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