Critique the variables in ONE of the articles (Gouchon or Chin):

Critique the variables in ONE of the articles (Gouchon or Chin):
Provide step-by-step explanation of these research articles:

Gouchon, S., Gregori, D., Picotto, A., Patrucco, G., Nangeroni, M., & DiGiulio, P. (2010). Skin-to-skin contact after cesarean delivery. Nursing Research, 59(2), 78-84.


Chin, K., Fan, J., Wang, H., Wu, S., Li, C., & Lin, H. (2010). Silver yoga exercises improved physical fitness of transitional frail elders. Nursing Research, 59(5), 364-370.

Critique the variables by answering the following questions:

1. Are the independent or dependent variables or research variables or concepts identified?

2. Are the variables that are manipulated or measured in the study consistent with the variables identified in the purpose or the objectives, questions, or hypotheses?

3. Are the variables reflective of the concepts identified in the study framework?

4. Are the variables clearly defined conceptually and operationally? And, are they based on theory and previous research?

5. Is the conceptual definition of the variable consistent with the operational definition?

6. Were the essential demographic variables examined and summarized?

7. Were the extraneous variables identified and controlled as necessary in the study?

8. Are there uncontrolled extraneous variables that may have influenced the findings? Is the potential impact of these variables on the findings discussed?

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