Critical Reflections

Leadership /SOP meeting

In a 10-12 page paper (with title page and reference page included), please address the following:
I.Professional Organization Meeting or Conference Overview

Attend a professional meeting related to a healthcare issue with implications for nursing practice. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following: (2) healthcare organization or place of employment discussing policy or procedures impacting nursing practice (a unit meeting does not qualify). It may be helpful to create an observation instrument (including typical leader characteristics, approaches, and communication processes, among other things) to help you take notes during the meeting about topics related to this assignment.

Provide an overview of the meeting you attended by detailing each of the following:
a.Sponsoring Organization
b.Title of Meeting
c.Purpose or Goal of Meeting
d.Setting / Context
e.Presenter – describe the person leading the meeting. Include the person’s title, role, and affiliation within the organization.
f.Participants – describe the general characteristics of those attending the meeting or conference (e.g., nursing staff, medical staff, clinicians, other employees of the healthcare organization; members of a quality improvement committee, legislative representatives across the state, specialized nurses in perioperative care, Nurse Practitioners’ group, and nurse educators).
g.Topic addressed – describe the healthcare topic or issue presented, including two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles to explain the underlying premise and impact the topic or issue has on nursing leadership, practice, work environments, or professionalism.
h.Student role – briefly describe your role at this meeting (e.g., observer, active participant, panelist, employee).

a.Leadership Characteristics and Style
i.Describe the leadership characteristics demonstrated by the leader. Provide at least two examples to support your description.
ii.Describe the leadership theoretical approach (es) the leader appeared to demonstrate. Provide at least two examples to support your description.
b.Communication Style
i.Describe the communication process utilized by the leader. Provide at least two examples to support your description.
ii.If conflict or disagreement was evident, describe what the leader did to reach consensus.
c.Critical Reflections
i.Explain your perceptions of the leader’s effectiveness, given the context (organization), content (issues presented), audience, and your analysis of the leader’s characteristics, style, and communication style.
III.Implications for Professional Nursing Practice a.Reflect on your personal experience of attending the meeting and observing this leader, and discuss the insights you have gained form this learning activity.
b.Explain what you may have done similarly *and* differently if you were in this leader’s position. Be sure to support your answer.
c.Predict how this experience will influence your ability effect positive change in the future.
d.Discuss how this experience has influenced your own definition of “leadership.”

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