Correctly use and understand terms related to the care of the family.

Discussion Question 1
CF is a sixty-year-old African American male who presents as a new patient for initial evaluation and follow-up. He has been diagnosed with hypertension for the last twelve years and Type 2 diabetes for the same period of time. His current blood pressure is 162/90, with a pulse of 76. His body mass index (BMI) is 32. He is currently taking Maxzide 37.5/25 mg every morning. This is the only antihypertensive medication he has taken.
For this question, focus on the treatment of hypertension. Discuss the influences of his age, gender, and ethnicity on hypertensive medications. On the basis of an analysis of those factors, provide one option for improvement of his blood pressure and provide a clear and specific justification for that choice. Be sure to include dosage and scheduling. Include highlights of patient teaching and/or recommendations for any lifestyle changes. Support your decisions with at least one reference to a published clinical guideline and one peer-reviewed publication.

Best Practices Assignment(FAMILY NURSING)
Module 2 Objectives

Correctly use and understand terms related to the care of the family.
Discuss best practices related to the care of women during pregnancy or lactation and infants, children or teens.
Discuss national trends in health promotion and health protection measures outlined in Healthy People 2020 website.
Recognize current trends in family centered care to best provide safe, cost effective and effective care to the family unit.

Best Practices Assignment

Create a teaching presentation, using one of the topics below.

Inadequate Nutrition in Pregnancy
Hypertension in Pregnancy-Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Diabetes in Pregnancy-Gestational Diabetes
Tobacco and or Drug Use in pregnancy
Newborn Screenings
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders


How would you teach the topic to a patient?

For the Newborn Screen how would you explain and teach this, why is it done…etc…

For the other listed conditions, these are abnormal findings or complications?

It is important for the family to know to help cope with difficult health issues, prevent complications, and promote long term health and safety?

How will you know that the family understood the teaching

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