Contemporary vs old Management Accounting – Hire a Writer for this Paper (

Choose from the following topics:
• Contemporary vs old Management Accounting
• Balanced Score card
• Du Pont Chart
• Benchmarking
• Activity Based Management
• Business Process Re-engineering
• Life Cycle costing and Budgeting
• Target Costing
• Theory of Constraints
• Total Quality management
• Six Sigma
• Supply Chain Management
• Just in time system
• Transfer Pricing
• Corporate Sustainability and Sustainability Reports
• Environmental management accounting
• Capital expenditure decision tools (Accounting Rate of return & Payback method)
• Capital expenditure decision tools (Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return)
• Financial Performance measures ROI, Rl & EVA
• Theories of Motivation
• Al in Management Accounting
BAC51: Cost Management
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Note: You may come up with your own topic related to management accounting. Get it approved by the lecturer before preparing.
Marking Guide
Content Quality 5
Eye contact Audience engagement 3
Presentation voice pitch etc. Clear presentation 3
Grammar, spelling & appearance Grammar, spelling, formal appearance for presentation 4
Total Marks 15

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