Consider all potential costs that are related to conduct this research.

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Prepare a research timeline and budget for your research proposal. Consider all potential costs that are related to conduct this research. Share this with your

classmates for feedback. In addition, identify two potential resources for funding that you would submit your proposal to when you are in your advanced role. Just a

reminder that in this course you are not permitted to gather any data and our focus is solely on the proposal.

Finding funding to support research projects is always a challenge. Most studies require financial support. Depending on the project, funding may be necessary to

support equipment, personnel to assist in data collection and management, publication/dissemination and a number of other “costs” necessary to conduct the research.

Begin your search for funding support by serious self-contemplation. Review committees want a competent applicant that shows evidence of competence demonstrated by

completion of small studies that resulted in a series of publications on the topic to be researched.

Your track record is important. Begin your search by looking a local funding sources (e.g., intramural funding). Develop a strategy to get larger funding. For example,

acquire two small ($1,000-$5,000) awards, conduct the investigations, submit results for publications and use the reports as the track record supporting funding for

more extensive funding.

Locating the money tree is your next step. Below are a few resources that you may find helpful as you look for money to fund your future research projects.

Nursing Sites
•American Academy of Nurse Practitioners:
•American Nurses Association:
•National Institute of Nursing Research:
•National League for Nursing:

•Directories and Databases Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Database of all federal programs available to state and local governments (including District of

Columbia), federally recognized Indian tribal governments, US territories and possessions, domestic public, quasi-public, and private profit and nonprofit

organizations and institutions, specialized groups, and individuals:
• Directory of charitable grant-makers:
•HRSA. Bureau of Health Professions: Nursing Nurse Education and Practice Grant Programs:
•NIH Grants and Funding Opportunities:
•Training, Handbooks, and Periodicals Chronicle of Philanthropy and a “Guide to Grants.”
•COS Funding News Published weekly with a sampling of new and updated award information from the Community of Science Funding Opportunities:
•Federal Register Government’s “daily newspaper” available from Superintendent of Documents:

A budget describes the financial plans and priorities for a specified time frame. It helps ensure that resources will be used effectively. Complete your research

proposal before you do the budget. Be realistic, practical, accurate, and detail oriented. In small or pilot projects, personnel support is often donated time, and

salary support may not be required. Include all special facilities that may have a bearing on the research. This might include the availability of special equipment,

access to subjects, consulting services, building arrangement, or availability of space for the required equipment and personnel. Below is an example:

Monthly Procedures (x 5 months)
Urinary Self-Testing for Ovulation Kits ($40 per kit)


Lab Procedures
Blood Draw (@$10/draw)


Envelopes/Stationary/Packing Supplies

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