complete my little application question

All you want to do is answer these question for my application and if you need any clarification ask me

1.What are your professional plans once you complete the degree?

(these might help you )

As I have chosen to be Teaching Assistant in applied medical science at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz for Health Science 2016 I can assure that after getting my degree I will go back and work as a faculty in my college.

2.What personal and professional (i.e., work, volunteer, community service) experiences have led you to select a doctoral degree in health education? I was BLS Instructor in American Heart Association and I have done multiple course training and participate in huge event to prepare and teach first year college about basic life support along with my little experience when I was teaching assistant in my college. These two experience led me to believe in my education capabilities.

3.Why have you selected SIU’s health education doctoral program?

(fill this out from there web site)

4.What skills and experiences do you feel you can contribute to the SIU Health Education graduate program?

5.Describe your research interest and how the SIU health education doctoral program will help you advance it.

6.Explain your understanding of health education and the role of health educators.

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