business plan 51

Following the rubric and instruction in the flowing documents and write a business plan not less than 7 pg.

Home town favorites are a example for business that i want.

My business idea is: my product/service idea is a app for big truck drivers.This app is design for helping fleet management. It will have a GPS positing for the truck. So in this case, fleet managers can check where the truck goes simply by check with their phone. It simplify the checking position process and ensure drivers safety by reducing communication during the driving process. Besides, this product should have a electronic fence for the truck. When the car drive out of some certain range , Owner will receive a notice. Except for this two modules, other modules like fuel card, insurance payment, in-vehicle camera should be include. Since the app is focusing only on truck driver. This app’s target customer is those truck drivers. To conclude, this app is a combination of all truck drivers will use or preferred.

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