Business cold file for a common law case that reflect a breach which constitute a tort.

For this assignment, students will choose a person to interview at a facility (clinic or hospital) that utilizes EHRs. Some possibilities include the Informatics Nurse, Risk Manager, Director of Patient Access (Medical Records), Director of Pharmacy Services, Manager or Director of Billing, or Chief Nursing Officer.

Choose a focus for the interview from one of the following main topics:

• Medication reconciliation and medication administration safety – Pharmacy Director • Bridging the gap between Nursing and Informatics – Informatics Nurse

• Behind the scenes – what does it take to keep a paperless facility running smoothly on the EHR – Informatics Nurse or IT specialist • Billing in the EHR setting (compared with paper) – Patient Accounts/Billing • Medical errors/patient safety – Risk Manager • Productivity – CNO or Nursing Director

Prior to the interview, write five to 10 questions pertinent to the chosen topic. The questions should be geared to get the questions answered in order for you to write the paper.

Critically evaluating and exploring:
“The use of online communications techniques is largely led by activist groups who use them to ‘attack’ governments and corporations.” (Stuart Thomson & Steve John 2007) Discuss and evaluate the increasing use of online communications within the political sphere and identify possible trends for political communication in the future using professional and academic sources.

Is a customer legally required to pay for current services when (1) the customer paid for previously rendered services based on customary business transactions but (2) failed to pay for the current services because the current services were not requested at the time they were performed? (This is the specific topic to be written on in the form of a question. I could not fit in it in the correct space above)
Project research paper must include the following specific headings and content:
Put the topic above topic in this section. The topic will identify the legal and business question that will be addressed in the paper. No other information should be included in this section.
Include all facts that should be considered in reaching a sound business judgment on the issue. Place research and any introductory material in this section.
Options and Analysis:
This section should state three possible alternatives that a business might take regarding the legal and business question/problem being discussed. The section must analyze each alternative, considering the legal and business (financial/economic/human resource etc.) aspects.
Best Option:
Identifies the best alternative. Must include a brief explanation of why it is the best option/alternative.

If possible, please include some of the suggestions below including the reference if it relates to the content.
(1)Customer and business previous engage in a contract through common law
(2)Based on previously rendered service, business acted based on rational expectations

(3)Customer failed to clarify expectation or terminate service before current one was performed.
(1)Customer could pay for services since it was given in the same context as previous services.

(2) Business cold file for a common law case that reflect a breach which constitute a tort.
(3)Parties involved could revise agreement and make considerations, so that the issue does not become reoccurring since the business did not verify the service was needed.

Tentative Bibliograpy

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