Biometrics is a fascinating system of personal identification based on physiological traits that are unique to each individual.  When writing a term paper on biometrics, you will want to inform your reader about biometrics – its meaning, usages, the way it works and any pros or cons related to the subject.  Biometrics works to confirm a person’s identity by using a person’s physical or behavioral traits, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas or irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, or hand measurements.  Measurable behavioral traits would include gait, handwriting or typing rhythm.,Term papers on biometrics will note that although biometrics has primarily been used in the past for forensics and criminal investigation, it is increasingly being used to enhance security and reduce fraud.  Currently, biometrics is used by government agencies, airports and theme parks, to name just a few.  Term papers on biometrics may explore possible future uses of biometrics such as recognition by personal electronics and point of sale applications.,As term papers on biometrics analyze the subject, it will become clear that biometrics have certain advantages over current identification methods.  For instance, identification cards can be lost or stolen and passwords may be forgotten.  However, an individual must be physically present to be identified with biometric screenings.  A well-balanced term paper on biometrics will also note that there are flaws that scientists must continue to work on, such as the fact that biometric information gathered for identification purposes, like DNA, may be used to infringe an individual’s privacy.,While researching term papers on biometrics, use only those sources on biometrics that are considered to be reliable.  Additionally, it may be helpful to study examples of other papers on biometrics specifically, and to study other term papers generally.  Suggestions for other term papers are term papers on law enforcement, term papers on Down Syndrome, and Spanish Inquisition Term Papers. Studying term papers unrelated to your topic will help you learn style, organization and how to cite references for your term paper on biometrics.

Term Papers on Biometrics

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