assignment 822

The focus of this assignment is to utilize feminist theories to explain female juvenile delinquency.

Utilize the textbook readings, your research, and the support material identified for this assignment to answer the following questions in a 7- to 10-page Microsoft Word report. Be sure to utilize correct terminology and apply the theories of criminal behavior.

  • Explain the relationship between juvenile delinquency rates and modern social conditions, such as poverty, crowding, and family dysfunction. How can these relationships be addressed to help decrease juvenile crime rates?
  • Considering the increasing proportion of juvenile female arrests, discuss whether the needs of female delinquents can be met by the same programs that serve males. What can help in the treatment of juvenile female delinquents?
  • The most common goal of students committing violent acts at school was retribution, and further research showed not an absence of values, but a value system where violence was completely acceptable. What social factors are causing value systems where violence is acceptable?
  • Describe feminist theories of criminology and explain how they can be applied to modern juvenile female gang members.
  • Explain delinquency as presented by social process theory and Hirschi’s impulse control theory. Analyze how these might affect juvenile treatment programs

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