Are there multiple truths

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1. Based on the ?provider questions? listed below, please share your thoughts on truth(s), lived experience, individuality, and evidence based practice guidelines.

Provider questions:

– 1. What is my view of truth?

– 2. Are there multiple truths

– 3. What if my patient and I do not agree on the truth or the view of truth?

– 4. Is the lived experience important

– 5. Is the lived experience more important than lab values and blood gases

– 6. How to I justify/juggle evidence-based practice guidelines and individuality?

2. What are your thoughts on ?theory? as you advance your clinical practice?

3. How does diversity in communities and within the nursing workplace relate to the theory of complex adaptive systems?

Grading Rubric

0 points ? Not completed on time

1 point- the assignment is lacking in two areas- thoughtfulness, substance and/or pertinence

2 points ? the assignment is lacking in one area- thoughtfulness, substance and pertinence

3 points- the assignment is thoughtful (indicating careful consideration of the material) substantial ( Has an adequate amount of valuable content- usually 2-3 paragraphs) and pertinent (relevant to a previous discussion, its connection to a previous discussion is made clear)

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