Analyse economic environments to identify entrepreneurial opportunities

3000 words Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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MODULE TITLE: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Question and Requirement:Read it carefully
You are acting as business adviser to a small or medium business or a proposed new business venture. Your task is to critically evaluate and assess the degree of
entrepreneurship innovation and creativity in the business/entrepreneur or planned business. This will be followed by appropriate and feasible recommendations (or
business plan). The recommendations must clearly show creativity on how the business should exploit existing or identified entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities
and dealing with the challenges posed by the environment. You must apply relevant concepts theories and models of entrepreneurship and innovation in your evaluation
and to support the recommendations. You will begin by analysing the economic environment and the industry and consider the challenges and opportunities they present
for entrepreneurship and innovation on your chosen business.
For the evaluation and subsequent recommendations you need to choose any three themes covered in the module.
NB: For the purpose this assignment a small and medium business is defined as any business employing no more than 250 people and/or has an annual turnover of up to
US$10m and the business could be UK based or from another country.
Structure of the report(MUST write like this Structure)
The assignment should be presented in the form of a 3000 word business report (excluding tables and references). The report should be structured as follows:
Analysis of the environment An analysis of the macro and micro environment and how it influences the discovery and exploitation of entrepreneurial and
innovation opportunities. This should include implications or impact these have on entrepreneurship and innovation in your chosen business or proposed business. (L1)
Evaluation and critical understanding of Entrepreneurship and Innovation You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of key issues
surrounding entrepreneurship and innovation in the business you have chosen or proposed business by evaluating and critically assessing its degree of entrepreneurship
and innovation. To do this you should be able to apply the key concepts theories and models of entrepreneurship and innovation you will have learned to evaluate and
assess the business. (L24)
Recommendations/ Improved business plan Based on your assessment and evaluation of the business/proposed business identify and formulate a series of
recommendations or develop a new business plan that you believe will help the business maximise its entrepreneurial potential and innovation opportunities including
how it could deal with existing challenges. (L3)
As a guide to the word limit the analysis of the environment section should be about 600 words long the Evaluation and critical assessment of Entrepreneurship and
innovation about 1200 words and the recommendation/ business plan section about 1200 words.
NB: The overall coherence is more important than any single section and evidence of creativity innovation and entrepreneurial thinking should be apparent in the
Learning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:
Learning outcomes and pass attainment level:
1. Analyse economic environments to identify entrepreneurial opportunities
2. Evaluate management of entrepreneurial activity within new and established organisations conceptualised and contextualised in a global context
3. Demonstrate the capacity to formulate effective responses to the various management challenges in enterprises
4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the management of innovation in new and established organisations
Please see detailed marking scheme at the end of the assignment

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