An ethical dilemma reflects a conflict of values that can be resolved

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This paper is for my Management Ethics class. It’s a term paper where we have to find an ethical dilemma and write about a solution to it. I have copy pasted an

overview of the ethical dilemma and attached the requirements for the paper below. I’ve added the overview of the entire course content to give you an idea of what the

course entails so the paper can be specific to the concepts introduced throughout the course. I don’t think we need peer reviewed references for this paper but

nonetheless sources are required please include 5+ references linking theories and concepts to those in the course outline etc. Do let me know if you require more


The ethical dilemma I have chosen to discuss All Canada pipeline project by TransCanada Corp. This project is very similar to the Keystone Pipeline project that is

currently under review in the US Congress. Some consider it as an ‘Industry Pipe Dream’ whilst others look at is as more of a ‘New Tar Sands Menace’. This is a common

situation of tradeoff of development and growth with all its benefits for the economy against protecting the environment. This constitutes an ethical dilemma as for

TransCanada Corp it comes down to making huge profits from its $12 billion project with the social cost of exploiting and harming the environment. There are a few

ethical ways in which TransCanada Corp can handle this situation.

o The story to look for is one that outlines or suggests an ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma reflects a conflict of values that can be resolved in two or more

ethically defensible ways. The story should relate to a business issue, in the broad sense of that term. It may deal with the world of commerce, marketing, finance or

with environmental issues. Be careful not to choose a story that reflects only a situation where a person or organization has succumbed to moral temptation – that is a

situation where someone has done something that is clearly evil, wrong or bad. You are looking for a dilemma.

o The paper itself will analyse the story from the perspective of the concepts you have been introduced to in this course. This is not a research assignment, but

students may want to look at information beyond the initial story in order to flesh out their paper, for instance by checking facts, getting other opinions or

providing important background and contextual information.

o The expectation is that the student will use the concepts and critical skills developed in this course for resolving an ethical dilemma to make the case for how the

dilemma should be or should have been decided. Students are expected to refer to the ethical methods introduced in this course and to use the four philosophical

analytic tools that have been used in class discussion.

o You are to write the paper as a report directed to the person making the decision about the ethical dilemma.

o The paper should be 1200 to 1500 words in length (double spaced) excluding appendices, references and the title page

o Grades will be assigned based how well the paper demonstrates knowledge of the course material and the ability to use the ethical concepts and methods of analysis in

resolving the ethical dilemma chosen. The learning goals for the course should be kept in mind in preparing a paper.

o While grammar, spelling and general writing ability are not the central learning objectives of this course, students need to attend to these matters in order to

communicate clearly and persuasively. Accordingly shortcomings in these areas will affect the overall grade.

o Students are encouraged to think creatively about presentation. Inserting photographs or other graphics to add emphasis or illustrate a point is encouraged.

Formatting and layout of the paper is also an issue. Using subtitles and shorter paragraphs increases the readability and effectiveness of your communication. Where

appropriate including hyperlinks to resources or video clips may help. Formatting papers as one long ‘text message’ will be considered a sign of inappropriate lack of

attention to the seriousness of the need to communicate effectively. Students are encouraged to read their paper over aloud before submitting it. The ear is often a

better editor than the eye.

Outline of Classes

Class 1 – Jan. 6 Introduction

Today we will begin our term-long conversation about the concept of ethics by looking at some of the concepts we will work with such as:

• Ethics

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