Americans in antebellum America.

Essay question
Based on your reading of Sydney Nathans, To Free a Family: The Journey of Mary
Walker and the following primary sources:
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project,
African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P. Murray
Make an argument that evaluates the importance of family formation among African
Americans in antebellum America.
In addition to referring to Nathan’s analysis, you must incorporate a minimum of two
sources from the Born in Slavery series and two pamphlets from the African American
Perspectives collection.

Citations written fully in footnotes. Written like a historically academic paper.Had a paper written on here before for the same professor. So it needs to be vaguely similar.

Here are the essays general requirements:
All papers should be typed, double-spaced (only footnotes or endnotes can be single spaced) and no smaller than 12pt font.

Pages must be numbered

Your paper should have a title

Print paper on one side of the page only using black ink

Try to avoid passive voice. Write in the active voice by placing the subject before an action verb. For example, “Thomas Jefferson argued…”
Eliminate vague, awkward, and/or sweeping statements. For example, “Throughout history…”
Avoid like the plague writing in the first person. Never begin a sentence with “I think…” You are not being asked for your opinion; instead, you are being asked to construct an analytical case in support/against a given question.
Decades are not written as possessives. For example, “1850’s” is “1850s…”
At all cost, avoid phrases such as “throughout history…” Such assertions are meaningless.
Do not abbreviate. In non-fiction writing abbreviations look sloppy and detract from your argument. Therefore, do not write things like “isn’t,” doesn’t,” “wouldn’t.” Spell them out in entirety.
Finally, be sure your conclusion ties the threads of your argument together. This means that you reiterate the main thrust of your argument and remind the reader of why the points made in the body of the essay compellingly make the case for your argument. In other words, explain/analyze, do not simply assert.

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