According to Epicurus, the pursuit of happiness is

According to Epicurus, the pursuit of happiness is something that entirely depends on the decision of an individual. That is, one chooses to be happy by indulging in important activities that yield pleasure rather than merely give full attention to things such as food, drink, and sex. However, happiness is a relative term, and each would attach a different meaning to what happiness entails. This proposition is further reinforced by the two philosophers Epicurus and Aristotle who had different concepts about what happiness is. Epicurus defines happiness as the absence of sufferings and anxiety. Therefore, there is no precise universal definition of happiness, and one cannot afford to give a description that suits every individual. For instance, happiness according to some people may mean positive experiences that are associated with such experiences as enthusiasm. On the other hand, some may regard it as a factor that directly stems from social harmony.

Similarly, people involve themselves in varying activities in a bid to realize happiness in the end. This scenario primarily revolves around the fact that happiness generally ensues from the satisfaction of an individual’s needs, something that varies from person to person. As such, people would seek happiness in many ways. Surprisingly, what works for an individual might not bear as much significance to the other.

One of the ways humans employ to seek happiness is the elimination of negative displeasure and pain in a bid to enhance their freedom in the pursuit of meaning and engagement. As such, happiness is generally perceived by such individuals as something that is the exact outcome of contrast and not positive pleasure. That is, whatever is achieved after successfully eliminating the negativity that comes with restrictive sensations that deprive them of their freedom is happiness.

Another means of acquiring happiness employed by some people is by looking for the positives in their life experiences. This aspect chiefly stems from the general belief that one finds what they look for. As such, the advocates for this way of finding happiness embrace this method as they believe that it not only affords them happiness but it also strengthens their immune system and boosts them physically.

To conclude, happiness is an essential part of human life that every individual/society looks forward to achieving. As proposed by different philosophers, happiness entirely depends on what an individual perceives as positive or negative pleasure and solely relies on their needs. Additionally, happiness has various meanings to everyone and what would make one happy may not necessarily do the same to another. However, individuals should strive to understand their source of happiness and make the best of it.

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