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Abstract Academic Integrity Assignment Help

Academic Integrity Assignment Help can be understood as following the concept of honesty and fairness for the collection of information while performing an action or an activity. It serves as a base for gathering knowledge and better understanding of the task and helps in the development of the capabilities of a person. Use of unfair practices while performing an action such as presenting someone else work in one’s name is a serious offence which can result in levy of fine or punishment for stealing the work of others. Academic dishonesty leads to concealment of the fair facts regarding the actions. All these unfair practices lead to different types of plagiarism. Different methods must be adopted for preventing plagiarism and for presenting the fair picture of an action. 


The basic meaning of the term integrity is honor. It includes the concept of honesty is to be followed in using required data or information, in presenting the required data or information and in all the other actions as per his or her knowledge. Academic integrity or academic honesty is totally dependent upon the concept of fairness and honesty. According to this concept one need to execute the course of action by fair means with its own efforts by avoiding unfair practices including cheating, copying, misrepresentation or using the work of other’s in his or her name. Academic integrity provides a base and results in gaining understanding and knowledge about the action and in the development of the individual. Academic dishonesty refers to use of unfair practices while performing the work.  There are different types of plagiarism or dishonesty which need to be handled with the help of various methods used for avoiding plagiarism. For the development and fair presentation of the ideas and thoughts of a person it need to follow the concept of integrity, as dishonesty leads to concealment of the ideas of a person by the process of unfair practices.

Academic Integrity

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